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100 Bad Words in Nepali Language with Meaning & Example Sentence

100 Bad Words in Nepali Language with English Meaning & Example Sentence The Nepali language is beautiful and very unique language in its own way. But like in all other languages it has some bad words as well which are usually used at the moment of anger. People use it to others when they are… Read More »


1000 Basic, Famous, Most Useful Nepali Phrases with English Meaning

learn 1000 basic, romantic, funny, popular, famous, most useful Nepali phrases, phrasebook, sentences and words with Pronunciation or sounds Most of the sentences in Nepali language given below in this post are used for everyday life conversations. Learn Basic Nepali Phrases, Vocabulary, and Grammar with Pronunciation or sounds. Learn some of the popular and most… Read More »


1000 Basic, Popular, Most Useful Nepali Words on Daily Life with English Meaning

Learn how to say some basic Nepali Words with English Meaning In this big world, Nepali is identified as one of the smallest countries. Even though it is small in size it has a lot of uniqueness. Nepal has its own kind of tradition, language, religion, and different ethnic group. Talking about its language, Nepali… Read More »