How To Say How Old Are You in Nepali Language – 21 Ways to Ask Age

By | December 17, 2017


8. Saying how old are you too small child or children

Babau timi kati barsh ko vayau,
Timro happy birthday kahile ho.


The upper phrase or conversion in the Nepali language is one of the best styles to know the age of any child. You may need some help from a child. While moving or heading to your journey or maybe at staying anywhere, when you see any cute child, then your wish also gets up to ask their name and age the cute baby makes you fun and stress-free. It is said that child is the embodiment of the God.It happens generally than when anyone looks any cute and s good looking baby, then almost any people wants to play with him or her even not seriously only for fun.


Above statement of Nepali version also states that how old are now, and when is your birthday. There creates a great difference when you ask him or her with fear. If you have hard desire to know the age of the child by looking their talent, curiously, intellectually and any kind of supernatural power, then you can ask him or her like it. You can give them some sweets or chocolate which make hem firstly happy then say their age. So from all aspects, asking styles in upper narration fits up in very good manner.


9. Saying how old are you to school girl:

Timro umeer kati bhayo,
Timro birth date kahile ho,

In the matter of asking age to school girls make here differences and you have to maintain the seriousness. School girl are more intelligent and even they take it negative when you ask her age. They may reply you hardly or mayabuse you.They talk it negatively. Therefore, if you want to know her age, then you have to ask her in a polite manner.You may ask her age by showing any project works that you are doing. When you say it, they do not hesitate to say her age.And when asking the age of Nepalese girls you can use the above Nepali language algorithm to make her more impress. If any foreigner speaks in Nepalese language, then become impressed and mirth too.Girls easily say her age while shining your project along with it in Nepalese language.If the girl is not answering the question of how old are then you can prolong or creep up your talk too long and then ask in new styles that is the second one, when is your birthdate. If her birth date is near, then wish her in advance. Moreover, if you want to do friendship, you can buy her gift.

10. Saying how old are you to adult:

Uncle, Tapai kati barsh lagnubhayo,
Tapaiko umer kati katisakyo.

This is the scientific and impressive way to ask how old are you and knowing their age. It becomes easy to know the age of adult person mostly male.Normally, male does not think more about it and say you clearly. Male is open-minded mostly and they only want to know why are you asking. They seek reason instead of asking their age. If you reveal your plan and projects or cause, then you will be admired and blessed by the adults. If you are collecting the data then you may get help from them as much as they can. In Nepal, when you ask anyone something, then ad firstly the word uncle and then start your next sentence, to make him a doubt on you. Your politeness helps you to get your answer very easily and fastly. Above Nepali algorithm mostly states that uncle how much year you have seen till now and how many years you have passed till now. It is the way to ask age of an adult in the Nepali language.

11. Saying how old are you to any govt. Officer.

Hajurkoumeerkativayo, thahapauna,
Hajurahilesammapanipurailakkajawandekhinuhunchh, katibarshkohunuvayo.

These two ways will anyhow make them compelled to give the answer of you asking. The above Nepali narration one of the tough Nepalese style to ask someone’s age.Government officers mean they are highly respectable. That is why while bearing you plan, you have to be very honest and immovable. Nepalese accent also makes them impressive when they heard the Nepalese language from any foreigner. It happens most of the time that you become curious to know her age when you looks her at the first time. The styles of saying how old are you to the government are totally different.

As you know that, Nepalese language have different accent and essence of same situation. Similarly, here, the same question has made their answer different. The upper narration states that how old are you, I want to know, please. Next, you are still looking very beautiful and young, how old are you. These styles of asking a question to any of govt. officers make impresses and give your answer in laughing manner.

12. Saying how old are you to any beautiful girl:

Tapaikosundartakoraaz k ho, tapaidheraisundardekhinuhunchh, aakhirkatbarshkohunuvayo,
Tapaiaafno birthday kahilemanaunu hunch.

This is the ways of tracing her birthdate and their age exactly, how old she is. In general, when you ask any girl about her age, then she may shy or if not say you wrong age. Most girls do not want t to expose their age because they think that it will effect on my beauty. There are many girls who have crossed 40 and 50 but still, they look young. They are beautiful is another matter.

Especially to the young and beautiful girl, you have to make patience because you may hit by abusing. Asking beautiful girls and alluring them to say her real age is also one of the intellectual work. If you know to trim and circulate the girl’s mind then, you can easily know her exact age. The same case and narration in Nepalese language are written to make circulation of mind. Above narration actually means that what is the secret beyond you shining beauty, you are really very beautiful. So at which date you celebrate your happy birthday because also want to wish you in advance. So that more blessing will always make your beauty permanent.

13. Saying how old are you, young boys:

Bhaai or dai, tapaikoko bastabik Umer kati vaeko ho,
Tapaiko Kati Barsh chaldai chh,

In general, you can also ask the young boys easily without any fearing.It becomes easier to know the age of boys than girls. Boys do not show their attitude and you also do not need to waste out your time to know only the age. Boys are mostly of frank nature, they always speak openly. If you are the boys and asking girls, then you have to maintain the postures and emotions. However, if you are boys and asking boys, then you can even ask openly. The same styles of narration have been included to know the age of boys when you ask the question. The asking of question refers answers like that brother or elder word whatever is,what’s your virtual age, which year you are passing out on the new calendar. These are some of the classic words which directly makes you efficient to know the age of young boys and their character if you are there to take a collection of data or anything.

14. Saying how old are you to aunt:

Aunt tapai ahile pani dherai Sundar dekhinuhunchha, tapaaiko kati barsha ko hunubhayo ra

This is the indirect way to know the aunt literally you can say women crossed 30. This is the indirect ways to trap them in your own plan. If you ask how old are you directly to any women, you may get a bad reaction.Nepalese women every sincere and sensible too. Your intention beyond asking this question must be correct. Otherwise, you may be treated badly. There are many women who maintain their body looks and figure to make their looks more glittering even at growing age. This is their hard works that had done on the skin. Above narration speaks that, aunt you are still looking too young in old age, exactly how old are you.

15. Saying how old are you too old male:

Hajurbuwa tapai ko kati umer bhayo,
Tapai kati barshako hunubhayo

This is also the ways to make you question to old male for getting actual answers. Mainly, an old person does not give the actual age because they even forgot their age. So while asking the age of the old person, you have to ask with patience and slowly. In the old age, people brain’s and mind are not working in an actual manner which makes difficulty in listening and responding. You should know the situation when the old person is not responding in a good manner. Furthermore, you should also keep politeness in speaking. If you use any abusing and insulting word and people listen to you then they may treat you or beat you badly. You can ask in the upper format of Nepalese language.

16. Sayinghow old are you to any social worker:

Tapaikoko kaam ko charcha dheri ma sunirahechhu, kati barshko umer dekhi yas kshetra ma hunuhunchha, a tapaiko umer kati vayo

The contents and situation change according to the character of the situation. Asking the question of how old are you to a social worker, is also one of the intelligent work. If you have such creativity of trapping them in your fluxion of words, then you can easily make him impress.It becomes easy when you become able to impress. The social worker is known as one of the intelligent person and prestigious identity they hold. So you have to try to know the age of them, by upper narration f Nepalese language.

17. Saying how old are you to street person:

Tapaiko ghar kaha ho, tapaiko umer katibhaeko chh

This is also the way to ask the street person who have no homes any direction and no identification. They are living and spending their life on the corner of streets.Truly, if you are here for dong any project, then you can ask them by alluring by giving foods dress. You even get difficulties to ask their age directly or in an easy manner. They are very much aggressive and do no even listen or follow your words. That is why you first have to allure them. They become happy when you provide some sweet foods and dress. Then after, you can apply the upper styles of Nepali system.

Asking somebody’s age, particularly among ladies is meant to be one thing offensive in today’s time. However, there square measure times once one ought to raise the opposite person’s age. There square measure times once you may raise somebody’s age. So, so as to not encounter as somebody WHO is offensive, there square measure ways in which within which you’ll raise the age during a nice approach in order that you’re saved from the blame of being offensive to the opposite person. In Nepal, notably, it’s not a culture to be pained once someone directly asks for the age. Instead, it’s a standard culture to fire every other’s age as a symbol of courtesy and communication.

18.    Tapai ko umher kati bhayo hola:

The language that we are discussing is Nepali language and we find various ways saying the same thing in this language. It is one of the complicated languages where we need to learn from the basic and many more symbols too. It is difficult to learn if you are not the native speaker of the Nepali language, but it is easy if you have the basic concept and know few regularly used phrases. Nepali is the language that is spoken seen the level of respect as there are senior junior and the same level of the people like of you.

In English language we use the same kind of phrase or language for the group of people like what is your name for all level of the people but in Nepali language the same question is asked differently for different people like for senior people “tapai ko name k ho?or we say hujur ko name k ho?” for the friends and same age group we ask timro name k ho? And the people smaller than you or to the people who are junior to us we ask “tero name k ho?”.

19.    Timi kati barsha ko bhayau:

Timi kati barsha ko bhayau. This is the most common way of asking the age in the Nepali language. It means what is your age or how old are you? Here, if the person we are talking to is the same age group of our then we can ask this phrase but if the person is elder than you then we ask in another way.

Since this is an informal way of asking about your age we can ask informally to the people who are in your friend circle. We cannot use this to the respected person in the Nepali language as that of English as we can refer to everyone in English by the word ‘you’. Well in Nepali we cannot just say you, we have different pronouns depending on the rank and age. So we need to follow that to make sure you do not offend the other person.

20.    Tero umher kati bhayo:

The other way of saying or asking about someone age is tero umher kati bhayo. This is the very informal way of asking someone’s age. This phrase is used to ask for the age of the people who are junior.

21.    Oye ta kati barsha ko bhais:

Now, this one is for either a friend that is very close to you or someone you can disregard. It is a really informal way of asking someone how old are you? So, be careful while you are saying this. It can only be said to a person you do not have to respect at all or a close friend who you know that they will not take any offense in it. So, be careful that the person you say this to will not take any offense when you say it like this. This phrase is a bit rude way of asking somebody how old are you?

In the same way for asking how old are you in Nepali we have different ways of saying. Out of which one that is used for the respected or highly respected people is “Tapai ko umher kati bhayo”? this Nepali phrase is used to ask a age of the people in the Nepali language. This phrase can be used to respected person both male and female group.

Well, there is a different phrase which helps us to learn the Nepali language. Few of the phrases are listed above to learn the language for both the native speaker of the Nepali language too. These above-listed phrases are some of the phrases that can be used to ask someone about how old is the person is. Anybody who knows Nepali would instantly understand the phrase and reply with the desired answer that you are seeking. However, we need to make sure that we are asking the question as per the level of the respect that each of these phrases means.

Some can be used to ask the senior people whereas others are used for the junior people than us.  Similarly, these above-listed phrases are used to ask the question of asking for senior people and some are used for higher in position to you and some can be said to your counterparts. Still, others can only be said to the juniors as an informal way of asking the same thing. So you need to learn the phrases accordingly and be very careful while saying those phrase as it may harm and effect to other people.

Nepali is the language which is very complicated to learn if we are not a native speaker of the Nepali language. It is not impossible to learn the language but we need to have strong devotion and has to show the keen interest in it. As the script and the language are completely different than the other language it is hard and difficult. But if we are trying learning the language one phrase at a time, then it’ll be easier for you.

In every language for the certain things to be asked only a few phrases are used on a daily basis. If we are good at utilizing the phrase than learning it will be easy and will be easy to utilize it. If we keep only few phrase that is kept in mind then one will be able to learn the language slowly and in a good way. While learning the new things we need to have patience too. If we show a keen interest in it than we will be able to use it in a very routine on a day to day life. So it’s the phrase about any question that we need to learn first if we need to learn the new language and these phrases will be very useful in learning it.

Before doing any new things we need to know all the instruction and the basic way for it, then it will be easy for us to learn the new things. Once we learn the basic instruction then it is definitely easy if we learn the old expression in that language. One ought to perceive that in Nepali you have got 3 standards of phrases for showing respect. For people who are a bit older than us then we will need to respect them. If we need to respect them then we have to mention the constant issue in a very totally different manner.

For the English language statement, how old are you? We do not have the different phrase in asking the question using for the different gender like for male and female.  Here the Nepali phrase is same for both male and female for asking how old are you will be timi kati barsha bhayau? Or tapai ko umher kati bhayo? etc.  Therefore, whereas learning the way to say the given phrase, keep it in mind that constant issue has 3 other ways of claiming it better on the one who you are concerning too.

So, learn the way to raise the age in Nepali. If {you do you square measure doing} not understand Nepali then learning this phrase relating to the way to say it in Nepali will certainly are available in handy once you are to speak to every alternative regarding age. So, next time you would like to raise somebody’s age, do learn this phrase and recall them as necessary whereas soliciting for the age.

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There square measure few ways in which of asking the age in Nepali language and culture. It’s not continuously that a lot of an ethical quandary on whether or not or to not fire the age. In contrast to within the west, individuals in Asian country seldom get pained with such queries. Actually, they’re wont to respondent these forms of queries all their lives. It’s not a lot of a difficulty of morality or one thing to be pained regarding. So, it’s higher than you just learn these phrases in order that next time you would like to raise someone their age, you’ll say these phrases.

These are the list of ways in which you can ask ‘How old are you?’ in Nepali. Asking such question can sometimes be taken as offensive but if you are careful enough and learn the phrases according to the person you are referring to, you will not land into any kind of trouble regarding the use of Nepali language. So, be sure you are using the appropriate pronoun and appropriate language while asking someone about their age in Nepali. Make sure while asking these questions, you keep your voice low and formal so that these do not sound inappropriate.

So, be creative and learn the art of asking age in the Nepali language. Keep watching our posts to learn various Nepali phrases.

Author: Asmita Sharma & Dipak Sah

How To Say How Old Are You in Nepali Language


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